Worms produce deposits of mud, known as casts on the surface of lawns, and are particularly noticeable if the turf is of fine quality.

The casts are susequently squashed by lawnmowers and feet, this temporarily slows down the grasses growth making it susceptable to moss and weeds.

worms, worm casts

Casts are produced mainly during Spring and Autumn when the soil is warm and moist.

They actually have beneficial effects in lawns and help in aerating and draining the soil. They also incorporate organic matter into the soil by pulling dead leaves into their tunnels.

If you spot casts on your lawn these can be dispersed when they are dry, with a besom broom prior to mowing. This is an easy task if the casts have dried out but would need to be removed manually with a small trowell if still damp - which in our climate is more than likely at this time of year!

Pesticides are no longer available to home gardeners. However this type of control would probably outweigh the benefits the worms have to your lawn and are probably best left to perform their organic aeration!

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