Lawn Weeds and Moss Controls

Any plants which grow where they are not wanted can be defined as WEEDS! All lawns are susceptible by seeds spread by the wind, birds, pets and the soles of shoes.

Do any of the pictures below look familiar? AND Are they present in your lawn?

buttercup dandelion daisy
All of these can be controlled, and many other species at certain times of the year as long as they are in growth. We can recommend the most appropriate application along with suitable fertilisation to ensure that grass grows without unnecessary competition. Once these undesirables are under control don't be complacent ,birds and wind can spread seeds, from adjacent gardens which can re-colonise on your lawn.

Incorrect mowing, particularly if cut to short or squashed worm casts can provide a perfect seed bed.

Moss can be a perennial problem in many lawns and changing turf conditions can improve some areas. However, treatment and removal by scarification is required in most instances. Continued aeration will improve drainage and is also recommended.

If you’re fed up with unsightly moss year after year, ask us for the best recommended program for your lawn!

Find out how to control your moss and weeds Click here for more information

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