Tractor Mower and Ride On Mowers

Ride on mowers or a tractor mower are the only real answer for the larger areas of grassland - unless of course you want the excercise!!

If you don't wish to be cutting the lawn all Sunday afternoon then why not enjoy the satisfaction of sitting down to mow the lawn!

If your going to by a ride on lawn mower then do your home work! They come in many sizes and there are many manufacturers to choose from. Don't necessarily go for the biggest cut width and find that you can't actually get the machine onto your plot or between the trees in the orchard!

ride on mower


Normally available with mowing deck as standard, as well as various attachments.

Will cope with formal lawns or with rough grass.

Available in a wide range of cutting widths suitable for large gardens all the way up to parks and recreation areas.

Choice of collecting systems.

Easy height of cut controls.

Available with standard or hydrostatic transmissions.

Can be fitted with mulching decks.

Electric start.

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