Scarification The Only Sure way to Remove Moss and Thatch

Scarification is the mechanical process used to "scrape up" dead moss that has previously been treated. It is also used to "comb out" heavy thatch from a lawn. Many gardening books will tell your to rake your lawn to carry out this process, but this is only 'scratching at the surface'. In order to provide the best growing conditions for the grass plants this procedure is best carried out using professional equipment.

Too much thatch will prevent moisture and nutrients from penetrating the soil and reaching the grasses root system.

By applying a moss-killer initially, we take care to remove as few healthy grass plants since the dead moss is then easier to remove. However the process may result in a need for over seeding in some areas. This is an intense treatment which requires specialist equipment but in many instances the process is essential to changing the consistency of the turf.

We will be pleased to advise the best time for this process and whether it necessary for your lawn.

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