There are two types of Rotary Mower available

The rotary mower is available in two guises - with four wheels or with a rear roller. In both forms it is a very versatile mower.

The grass is cut by a single rotating blade or with a rotating bladed disc.

Rotary mower - 4 Wheels

This type of mower can cope with long grass in the spring, but still provides a good finish during the summer months. It is suitable for undulating ground and copes with ease on flat lawns. However in the larger cutting widths the weight of the machine can be prohibitive if you have very steep gradients. Go back to


hover mowers if you have a steep lawn.

These mowers have a variable height adjustment facility which allows the user to set the optimum cutting height for your lawn see - DIY Tips. These mowers are available in three power options - electric, cordless or petrol and can be either push along or self propelled.

Rotary Lawnmowers - Rear Roller

The features are similar to the four wheel machine but with the advantage of a rear roller instead of two rear wheels.

Generally these mowers self-propelled only, making cutting larger lawns a breeze. rear roller rotary lawn mower This rear roller will help acheive that classic striped finish similar to with a cylinder mower, but this mower will cope better with uneven lawns.

They are available in a huge range of cutting widths from 12" to 21" which makes them suitable for almost all lawn sizes - except the VERY large!!

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