Do You Have Moles Under Your Lawn?

The presence of moles Talpa europaea under your lawn will be obvious by the mounds of excavated soil which are thrown up to the surface.

Their staple diet are worms and other soil organisms, not on plant roots. The damage they cause is directly related to their burrowing activities.

It is advisable to remove these mounds of soil on lawns prior to mowing otherwise this soil will suffocate the grass plants leaving the lawn susceptible to weeds. Any areas where the surface of the lawn has collapsed due to the tunneling beneath require will filling in order to maintain a flat lawn surface.

If you have had enough these activities traps are inexpensive and available from garden centres!!

Electronic devices are more costly and available from garden centres and mail order firms. They work using ultrasonics which is inaudible to humans.

Apart from the spring breeding season, they are solitary creatures so all the activity in a small garden could be due to a single animal.

If all else fails use this to your advantage the excavated soil is pefect for re-seeding areas of damaged lawn or used as a potting medium for plants!!!

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