A step by step guide to building a log cabin

The following is a step by step guide to the constrction of a log cabin, with a new patio area and a seating area adjacent to a garden pond.

The step by step guide may help you work through the process of building one yourself or alternatively you can contact us and we would be happy to give you a free no obligation quotation.

Your first decision is to choose a site. This is positioned so it faces almost due west so that on those long summer evenings a refreshing drink or two can be enjoyed whilst watching the sun set behind the welsh hills.

Once a suitable site has been selected it must be dug out to take the wooden base which in turn should sit on a solid base. This is achieved in this case using reclaimed paving flags but a solid concrete base could be used. After you are happy that the base is solid, square and of course level it's time to start to erect the log cabin.

Most brands are supplied flat packed and by following the instructions supplied fit together using tongue and grooves some of which may need a little gentle persuasion using a knocking block and a wooden hammer.

It's fair to say at this stage that this is a two man job since some of the sections are quite long and need to be pushed in at either end similtaeneously.

Once you get the hang of this and work out a system things start to take shape quite quickly at this stage. Probably the most difficult part is the roof construction two sets of ladders is a must!

Once the roof is on the windows and doors can be fitted and a coat of wood preserving varnish can be applied - in this case a clear varnish which enhaances the natural grain of the wood. However you can choose to paint it any colour you wish.

After the construction of the log cabin itself an area was dug out around and filled with hardcore to facilitate laying of the patio. Also a bigger hole was dug out for the pond.

Finally the patio was laid, the pond lined and filled and everything was complete for that perfect summer evening BBQ!!!

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