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Weed and Moss Control



Insect Control

Disease Control

To compliment our standard lawncare services we also have a product which reduces the amount of water your lawn will need in order to stay in tip top condition.

Recent summers have produced long periods of above average temperature conditions and, in addition, rainfall has been significantly reduced throughout the year. This can result in a dry, scorched and even cracked lawn and encourage conditions such as Dry Patch.

This product can significantly reduce the irrigation requirement of soils and relieve the symptoms of Dry Patch (localised dry spot).

The product is used by Greenkeepers throughout the UK!

Using the latest technology which is environmentally safe, we recommend a treatment programme which incorporates a wetting agent to help prevent the problems associated with such hot summers.

We will be happy to visit and recommend a programme suitable for your garden, which can also be used alongside existing treatment schedules.

So, to protect the investment in your garden and enjoy significant water conservation call us today on 0800 2800 490 or fill in our on line contact form and let us ensure you have the best looking lawn all year round!

We would be more than happy to take a look at your lawn in order to:

Identify the different grasses and soil types in your lawn and evaluate their conditions.

Identify any weeds, insects, or diseases that appear to be affecting your lawn and recommend ways to control them.

Indicate what grass types are best suited to your garden and advise you of Mowing and watering techniques.

Evaluate the potential of your lawn and explain our recommendations to help your lawn be the greenest and healthiest it can be.

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