Tips and Solutions for Common Lawn Problems

Lawn Problems can occur for multitude of reasons and vary in severity. By far the biggest issue for most gardeners are weeds.

However other issues which can affect your lawn can be caused by animals, insects, pets, diseases, climate and believe it or not by ourselves.

Surprisingly enough the single most effective treatment we can give to our lawn is a regular mowing regime. The average householder has a tendency to cut the lawn when it gets too long. Under these circumstances the majority of the living grass plant is cut away. This leaves the grass weak and susceptible to weeds and moss establishing themselves.

Another issue we can cause ourselves is compaction. The activities of children and our favourite route across the lawn over the course of time will flatten down the grass and cause compaction to the soil profile. This restricts the amount of water, oxygen and nutrients which can reach the grass roots and ulitmately the grass dies.

This can easily be resolved by aeration a process that can be achieved mechanically on larger lawns or simply by spiking the lawn with a fork for smaller lawns.

A list, although not definitive, of other lawn issues can be found below. Please click on the links to learn more.

Leatherjackets (Crane Fly, or Daddy Long Legs)

Chafer grubs

Worm Casts





Brown & Yellow Patches

Toadstools & Fairy Rings



If you believe your grass suffers from any of these ailments please contact The Cutting Crew for advice and control measures for Lawn Problems

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