Hover Mower

Hover Mowers are by far the best selling mowers, they cut grass with a single blade, which is general powered by electricity alhough some are available in petrol versions.


No wheels, easy to push and control

Ideal for rough grass

Available as standard hover (non-box) or as hover collect (with box)

Ideal on banks or steep areas

An acceptable finish can be achieved but without the stripes provided by cylinder and rear roller rotary mowers.

Not for the faint hearted these mowers have to be picked up and carried and require the user to push them over the lawn - they are not self-propelled.

Available from 12" to 19" - therefore suitable for small to medium size lawns

If you only have a small to medium sized lawn and are not really concerned about a striped finish then these mowers are perfectly adequate.

Please check however that the cable will reach to the end of your lawn if not it may well be worth paying a little more for a petrol version rather than messing around with extension leads.

If you do chose the electrical version please ensure you always use a suitable RCD.

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