The Cutting Crew - Hedge Trimming and Small Tree and Shrub Removal

Hedge trimming and small tree and shrub removal seem to be the least liked jobs for most DIY gardeners.

Having asked many an amateur gardener over the years - What is the job you least like doing in the garden? The answer is invariably one of these tasks!!

hedge, hedge trimmer Not necessarily the trimming itself but everything else which goes along with it. Such as

'my extension cable is too short'

'Where will I put all the trimmings'


'How many times have I cut through the Cable!!!'

hedges, hedge trimmer

Let the Cutting Crew take away all these gripes and do it for you.

If it's a one off job to control that overgrown Lleylandii conifer, our you want us to maintain your hedging all year round, then please contact us.

We only use state of the art equipment which we are fully insured to use, and if you don't have the room on a compost heap will take all the rubbish away.

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