Garden pond

The construction of a garden pond like this is made very simple by utilising pre-formed fibre glass ponds which are available in many different shapes and sizes suitable for even the smallest garden. The running waterfall is also made from pre-formed fibre glass which is simply mortared in place so it overlaps the edge of the pond.

small pond under construction

A pump is then placed into the pool,(from a suitably protected mains electricity supply) which pumps water into a filter postioned such that the water flows out of the filter into the top of the preformed cascade and in turn back into the pond. The pre-formed pool has ledges onto which marginal plants can be positioned, and the pump comes with the option to have all the water to the cascade or to a small fountain or a combination of both options.

The following pictures show the pond six months and 18 months after initial construction. The areas around the pool have been blended into the new patio and the planting has established giving the pond a much more natural look.

garden pond 6 months later garden pond 18 months later

If you would like us to build you a garden pond please contact us

Click here to see a short video of the construction of a larger pond

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