Fertiliser application programme


Lawn experts know that the grass plant benefits most if it is fertilised in useable amounts, several times a year.

In the same way that you would not feed a pet huge amounts of food once a month, it is not in the best interests of the grass plant to provide an excessive amount of fertiliser once or twice a year. fertiliser, spreader Lawn treatment programs may vary depending on your lawns needs. This is a summary of the normal applications that could be applied to your lawn. This would be dependent on soil characteristics and climatic change through the seasons.

Early Spring

The lawn is now beginning a growth cycle following the winter dormancy. Most broadleaf weeds are not yet growing and insects are inactive. This application of fertiliser is designed to help the grass begin the growing cycle and strengthen the grass plant for the coming warmer months.

Late Spring

This application provides the proper mix of nutrients in order to promote strong leaf growth and overall plant health. Broadleaf weed control can also begin at this time.

This is an excellent time to aerate the lawn. See Aeration for more information.

Early Summer

This treatment provides the correct balance of nutrients as the plant enjoys strong leaf growth.

Broadleaf weed control will continue. Maintenance guidelines need to be continued. See Watering & Mowing Quicktips for more information.

Late Summer

Grass plants are now reproducing and strengthening. There may be an increase in turf density and the grass will grow more vigorously. This application provides a nutrient balance to ensure growth momentum is maintained.

Early Autumn

As the amount of daylight decreases in the autumn, temperatures begin to cool and leaf growth slows. This treatment will apply a balanced mix to ensure that the grass receives suitable nourishment in line with these changes in temperature.

Weed Control may continue and it may be appropriate to Scarify and remove any Moss. See Scarification for more information.

Late Autumn

At this time the grass plant stops putting food into leaf growth and the food generated now goes into root development and growth. This application ensures that the plant receives the correct nutrition to ensure that root growth continues and provides for strong healthy plants in the spring.

Aeration can also take place at this time.

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