Cylinder Mower

A cylinder mower is sometimes referred to as a reel mower which will give your lawn the finest of finishes. However your lawn needs to be almost perfect to benefit from this type of mower.

Cylinder mower

If you have a completely flat lawn then read on, if not then consider either flattening out your lawn, if possible, or buying a different type of mower. FEATURES

This is an ideal mower for producing a smooth, fine surface. It can gives your lawn a perect striped effect due to its heavy rear roller.

Please be realistic when considering to purchase this type of mower they are definately NOT suitable for undulating or rough ground.

This is the professional's mower the type, that would be used on golf greens where fertilisation and aeration are a monthly practice to keep such a tightly mown turf in tip top condition - Do you really have the time for all this maintenance?

As a push or electric mower these are generally available from 10"/12" cutting widths or as a petrol version for the larger lawn up to 24".

The power options available for this mower suit all sizes of lawn except perhaps the really large lawn which requires a ride on mower. Power options available are push, electric, cordless and petrol engine - also available as a key start option. As an additional benefit on some models the cylinder can be replaced with scarifier.

Cylinder mower not your cup of tea go back to mowers for a better option

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