Chafer Grubs

Chafer grubs are white fleshy grubs with brown heads and 3 pairs of legs at the front of their body.

chafer grub

The larvae eat the roots of grasses and other plants. Damage to lawns tends to be most obvious between autumn and spring when the grubs are reaching maturity.

Patches of dead or dying grass similar to that caused by leatherjackets will indicate their presence in your lawn.

Chafer Beetle Larvae live a little deeper than Leatherjackets which reside in the upper root zone. Birds, particularly of the crow family, such as jays, magpies, rooks and crows feed on the grubs, tearing up the lawn in the process.

In heavily infested gardens the adult beetles fly up from turf in large numbers at dusk from late May to June.

Eggs are laid in the turf and these hatch a few weeks later. The grubs feed on roots but do not start to cause significant damage until early autumn, by which time the larvae are becoming fully grown. They overwinter as larvae and pupate in the soil in the spring.

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