Aeration - Breathe New Life into Your Lawn

Aeration is a very effective mechanical action that will benefit all lawns.

In order to grow to full potential the grass plant requires water, oxygen and nutrients. All of these must be present in the root zone of the plant.

areator, lawn aerator

Does your lawn suffer from any of the following?


Excessive thatch

Poor drainage


All of the above WILL PREVENT these 3 essential requirements for growth reaching the root zone.

This process will almost certainly help alleviate these problems and will also enable nutrients, water and oxygen to penetrate into the root zone. This process then allows for deeper root growth into the soil ensuring strong healthy grass plants at all times! aerator, lawn aerator We use state of the art professional equipment to achieve this process.

The tines produce a matrix of 18 holes per square metre.

The result of which allows water, nutrients and air to the root zone, thus breathing new life into your lawn.

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